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Ruby + Associates: a Degenkelb Company

Since our founding in 1984, Ruby+Associates has been a prominent figure in structural engineering, dedicated to serving the ever-evolving construction industry. We’ve earned the trust of leading constructors, fabricators, erectors, and architects through our unwavering commitment to excellence in core services like Construction Engineering, Building Design, Structural Analysis/Reinforcement, and Connection Design.

We take pride in our innovative LeanSteel® project delivery approach, which streamlines design-build projects, optimizing the steel supply chain and providing efficient, cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Under the leadership of Tricia Ruby for over a decade, we’ve fostered a thriving work culture, enhanced transparency, and achieved remarkable growth. Our efforts have been recognized with accolades like Great Place to Work® certification and a place among the Top 50 Small Workplaces in Fortune Magazine.

20 Years of leansteel®!

Although Ruby + Associates has always believed in the tenets of LeanSteel®, it took us two decades to perfect the process. We shaped the ideals established with our founding in 1984 into an efficient, streamlined project delivery method which officially rolled out in 2004.

It quickly became obvious that the LeanSteel® process was a great way to break down silos, eliminate wasted time, and prevent lost knowledge. As a whole, it makes construction more efficient.

Since 2004, our team has worked hard to match the LeanSteel® process with clients who are willing to take a new approach. Over the years, those clients began to see how much time and money they could save by utilizing the LeanSteel® process. They no longer saw bottlenecks caused by steel procurement, and the timelines for their projects shrunk accordingly.

Word got out, and now our list of LeanSteel® projects has grown substantially. To meet the demand, our team is always exploring and learning new ways to deliver projects by utilizing LeanSteel® even more efficiently. After all, when we provide cost and time savings for our clients, everybody wins.

leansteel® in Action:

Our LeanSteel® process has been delivering tangible benefits for our clients for the last twenty years. Check out some of our projects to learn how organizations have benefited in the past.

Tradespeople work on the frame for Mercy Hospital of Willard.

Mercy Hospital of Willard

Willard, Ohio Improving efficiency with computer-modeled design. Mercy Health Partners’ two-story, 105,000-square-foot hospital, utilized Ruby+Associates to perform the structural design, and incorporate

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