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How it Works

Faster, More Efficient Project Delivery

When it comes to a project, clients have two choices—they can either go with traditional steel delivery or choose to utilize our LeanSteel® process. We never force a client to choose one way or the other. Still, we know LeanSteel® can offer some amazing benefits over more traditional methods.

When is LeanSteel® the best solution? This system only works for teams who are comfortable embracing a new approach. Everyone needs to be on board—from the owner to the builder, to the steel fabricator, and everyone in between. To be successful with this method, team members need an overall culture of partnership and a team of collaborators who make quick decisions. It only works if everyone is on the same page, but once they are, the benefits are phenomenal.

Traditional Steel Delivery:

The leansteel® Process:

From Design to Delivery

As soon as clients choose to utilize the LeanSteel® process, the Ruby + Associates team gets to work. Our team handles the process collaboratively and internally. Our engineers jump start the schedule, open communication channels and, working hand-in-hand with detailing partners, assure that the project is delivered successfully with steel arriving on-site just as the builder intended.

An engineer, connection designer, and steel detailer

Engineer, Connection Designer, Steel Detailer

A fabricator

Steel Fabricators

Step 1.
Ruby + Associates completes the structural design.

Step 2.
We begin building a 400-level fabrication model.

Step 3.
We issue the Advanced Bill of Material (ABM) model to order steel.

Step 4.
We produce a sample Shop Drawing Package. Meanwhile, Ruby + Associates works with your fabricator, who reviews, determines pricing, and offers comments on the whole process.

Step 5. We collaborate with the fabricator and incorporate those comments.

Step 6.
We finalize the connection design and shop fabrication model.

Step 7.
The project goes into fabrication.

leansteel® in Action:

Our LeanSteel® process has been delivering tangible benefits for our clients for the last twenty years. Check out some of our projects to learn how organizations have benefited in the past.

Tradespeople work on the frame for Mercy Hospital of Willard.

Mercy Hospital of Willard

Willard, Ohio Improving efficiency with computer-modeled design. Mercy Health Partners’ two-story, 105,000-square-foot hospital, utilized Ruby+Associates to perform the structural design, and incorporate

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