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GM Body to Paint Shop Conveyor

Arlington, Texas

Engineering a true ‘out-of-the-box’ solution with a rooftop conveyor system.

For this project, which included adding a rooftop conveyor system from the body shop to the paint shop at the GM Arlington full-size SUV manufacturing facility, Ruby’s LeanSteel® team designed and detailed, provided connection design, construction engineering and reinforcement services. 

Within the plant, existing equipment made it too crowded for the new conveyor. As a solution, the team added two elevators, raised the conveyor system above the roof line, and reworked an existing conveyor path. Ruby’s engineers framed large beams above the roof, spanning from column to column to avoid load in between them, and reinforcing various columns where appropriate. Cranes couldn’t lift close enough to the roof conveyor location, so Ruby’s engineers specified that beams were broken up to reduce the piece’s weights. They were carted across the roof, then re-assembled to get to the new conveyor area.

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